Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stinky Sweet

I really love the image and sentiment of this stamp but don't love the card I made with it. You will be seeing more with this little guy in the near future, either here or in your mailbox! I can think of several people who need to receive a card with this little guy!

I watercolored the image and added some stickles (glitter) to the petals of the flower. He is just adorable.

I am so ready for Brae's cone to come off. His incision looks great but I want to just make sure the cone stays on for at least 10 days. They really recommend 14 but the bruises on the backs of my legs from that thing say that 10 is sufficient! Ruby hasn't been eating well since Brae's surgery. I am not sure if it's because she isn't with him all day or because it's getting hotter outside or because she is going to come into heat? Who knows with that one? So when I went to the feed store I chose a different food to see if that would appeal to her. I don't have to worry about Brae, he eats anything and in 3 seconds flat! I am not sure he had time to taste that something was a little different:) A very nice neighbor gave me a sliding glass door dog door last night. It is really nice but Brae might just be a little too big for it, we will have to see when the cone comes off. Ruby likes it already!

Have a great day!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Bird-Day

I love my new Pun Fun stamp set. Here is a card I made for Beate John's Weekend Sketch Challenge.

SCS Sketch Challenge

Last week I was wanting to make cards for the secretaries at school. I was falling short in the creativity department so I decided to check out the sketch challenge on SCS. Still having no idea what to create I decided to look at the sketch challenge gallery to see what other people created. I found this card and loved it. So I was off to make the card with my own personal touches. So I found the papers I was going to use, got everything cut out and when I went to stamp is when I remembered loaning my Wild About You stamp set to a friend. Oh well, the secretaries ended up getting water bottles! My friend sent the stamps back with her adorable 1st grade messenger and I finished the cards up on Sunday. I used the wish big sentiment and plan on using them for birthdays that are fast approaching!

Flap Card

After seeing this tutorial on Splitcoast Stampers I decided I needed to try one. I didn't have a Coluzzle so I thought I would just trace a circle shape and cut that out. Even though that worked, I wasn't pleased with the results so with money from my last class I ordered the Coluzzle. I had purchased some thin magnets and was ready to go. Well, my magnets weren't nearly strong enough to stick to each other, let alone through layers of cardstock. So I hunted down some of the magnets that the tutorial suggested. Most places were out of stock so I finally found some on Ebay. I was happy when they came yesterday. I would like to use this card and possibly a 2, 5, 7, 10 box for my May stamping class. Here is the card I made, both closed and open.

A friend of mine suggested putting the magnet behind the paper on the front flap of the card instead of behind the paper on the inside of the card, I think I will try that on the next one I make!

Brae and Ruby are doing okay. The cone is driving me nuts, he keeps bumping into me with it and it hurts. The incision looks like it is healing well, counting down the days until he can be a normal dog again!

Friday, April 25, 2008

So Proud!

Having to go to work early and leave late yesterday I was worried about leaving Brae in his crate. I didn't want to chance him urinating in there and having to lay in it with his stitches. So I decided to take a chance and let him have the house to himself yesterday. I figured cleaning up a mess would be better than jeapordizing his stitches. I was so very pleasantly surprised to find a perfect place when I got home. Nothing out of place, no pee, nothing. What a great dog! I love my Brae!

Here is a box I made last week. It's called a 2, 5, 7, 10 box because that's where you score the cardstock to make it. Splitcoast has a tutorial here.

I also tried to make cards for the secretaries last night but I realized my friend had the stamp set I was wanting to use, so maybe tomorrow? I earned a free stamp set through Sell-A-Bration and that is coming tonight, so I might just have to use that this weekend. Hope you all have a great day!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Summer Strawberry

I saw this card on SCS and loved how it looked. One day last week I created four cards, 2 exactly like this one and then two like the one pictured below. The cards are going to go together as a gift for a friend.

I didn't get any stamping done on my day off yesterday. I ended up spending almost the whole day doing school work, grading and progress reports, fun! Brae is doing well, it's nice to see him getting back to himself. He wants to play with his star and it kills me to say no. Ruby is dying to play with him, she keeps pawing him and barking at him. Hopefully 7-14 days will go by quickly!

Brae's Back

Yesterday was Brae's neutering appointment at the Humane Society. I dropped him off at 7:00 and he was very well behaved while waiting. They took him back for an exam before I could leave. The lady came back and said everything was perfect and that he was very well mannered. I was proud of my boy. It was quite difficult leaving him there for the day.

Ruby was quite concerned as to his whereabouts when I came home without him. She kept looking for him. After awhile, she didn't mind. She was actually liking the fact that she was able to have a bone for a change.

We had a nice day while waiting for Brae, we went to Bookman's and got some loving from some people there. She never came close to finishing that bone, the outing made her nap the rest of the day.

I was so happy to see Brae at 4. He was totally drugged up from the anesthesia. His breath was horrible but he was wagging his tail. We got him in the car, well he just jumped. He was pretty good on the way home. He was very wobbly and groggy walking back to the apartment. He is supposed to wear his cone for 10-14 days which is going to be a challenge, he keeps bumping into everything! I suppose it is good though because it will be a visual reminder to me to keep him calm and less active the whole time, plus he won't be able to lick or bite at the incision.

Brae slept in his crate all night and is much less groggy this morning. He was very happy to gulp down his breakfast. To think I have to go through this with Ruby in another month, ugh!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sketch Challenge

I decided to create something of my own. I used Beate John's weekend sketch challenge as a starting point. I used my Changito monkey stamp and played with some paper I haven't used yet. I like the way he turned out. Bright colors aren't my favorite but it is cute!

Brae is going to the Humane Society to be neutered today. I am hoping everything goes fine. Hopefully I will get a chance to create some cards while I am waiting to pick him up.

Have a great day!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Stamping with Kym

On Saturday I went to Kym's house for a stamping class. I really liked the project and had a nice time chatting with her. We used the She's All That stamp set from SU. I would like to purchase the set but don't find myself using two of the four stamps. So maybe she will just let me borrow hers from time to time.

I really like the way the pen looks with the microbeads inside but it is slightly challenging to make. I am trying to come up with a cute project using those cute flowers from the One of a Kind stamp set. They are really neat, they have a matching punch so you don't have to cut out a million flowers to get the look.

Thanks for a fun project, Kym.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Baby Onesie

Haven't been doing much creating lately. I have been stamping but just copying other people's cards that I like. A friend of mine just had a grandbaby and I wanted to make her a card. I saw this tutorial and it looked like fun so I thought I would give it a try.

Here is how my card turned out. I know she will just love it!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring Buddies

At our school we do Snow Buddies and Spring Buddies. Each person who wants to participate fills out a survey and then you put it in a large jar. When the time comes you choose a survey from the jar and that is your Buddy. For one week you will secretly place a little surprise each day for them. Then on Friday we have a breakfast and you bring a larger gift for your buddy and that is when you reveal yourself. I had fun making things for my spring buddy. She said her favorite color was red and that she liked healthy stuff so I had a blast with Stampin' Up's Tart and Tangy stamp set paired with the Summer Picnic paper!

This started out as a plain white gift bag. I used the cherry stamp from SU's Tart & Tangy. I used markers to color it red and green and then stamped all over the bag. It wasn't fun but I loved the way it turned out. I have always liked red and black so I added black and loved it even more. I used my Nestabilities to make the large circles for the tag. I used many different ribbons to decorate the handles. I almost didn't want to give it away!

My Spring Buddy's favorite scent was Clean Linen so I got her a candle, but it wouldn't fit in her mailbox so I had to put it in a bag with her name on it. Since I tried to keep the theme of cherries with all her stuff I had to find a way to use this bag and put cherries on it. It had a label I needed to cover up so here is the result. I like the way this one turned out too!

The final gift was several bags of dried fruit. I bought a red gift bag that I was going to stuff with tissue paper that I stamped cherries on. I realized that I didn't have any tissue paper. UGH! So I found this basket and improvised. I wrapped a ribbon around it for a little more pizazz...I also made a pinwheel and a coaster notebook and pen. I hope she enjoyed all her gifts as much as I enjoyed making them.