Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stinky Sweet

I really love the image and sentiment of this stamp but don't love the card I made with it. You will be seeing more with this little guy in the near future, either here or in your mailbox! I can think of several people who need to receive a card with this little guy!

I watercolored the image and added some stickles (glitter) to the petals of the flower. He is just adorable.

I am so ready for Brae's cone to come off. His incision looks great but I want to just make sure the cone stays on for at least 10 days. They really recommend 14 but the bruises on the backs of my legs from that thing say that 10 is sufficient! Ruby hasn't been eating well since Brae's surgery. I am not sure if it's because she isn't with him all day or because it's getting hotter outside or because she is going to come into heat? Who knows with that one? So when I went to the feed store I chose a different food to see if that would appeal to her. I don't have to worry about Brae, he eats anything and in 3 seconds flat! I am not sure he had time to taste that something was a little different:) A very nice neighbor gave me a sliding glass door dog door last night. It is really nice but Brae might just be a little too big for it, we will have to see when the cone comes off. Ruby likes it already!

Have a great day!

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Jane said...

I think it's very cute! You seem to be on the same "bender" as I am...quick and simple cards. Must be the time of year - too busy to make detailed cards.