Sunday, April 20, 2008

Baby Onesie

Haven't been doing much creating lately. I have been stamping but just copying other people's cards that I like. A friend of mine just had a grandbaby and I wanted to make her a card. I saw this tutorial and it looked like fun so I thought I would give it a try.

Here is how my card turned out. I know she will just love it!


Jane said...

Great card! I was hoping it was a real baby onesie since I failed so miserably on mine - thought I could learn from you. But the card is very cute.


Sue said...


I just wanted to say that you have so many great, great projects that I could see a cute little store where people wanted to come in an buy decorated bags, baskets, cards etc. would be great gifts or items to buy for gifts. And then, you could have classes for people in the shop.....sell things to put into the baskets and bags.....

You really have a great little business opportunity and you could be creative!