Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Brae's Back

Yesterday was Brae's neutering appointment at the Humane Society. I dropped him off at 7:00 and he was very well behaved while waiting. They took him back for an exam before I could leave. The lady came back and said everything was perfect and that he was very well mannered. I was proud of my boy. It was quite difficult leaving him there for the day.

Ruby was quite concerned as to his whereabouts when I came home without him. She kept looking for him. After awhile, she didn't mind. She was actually liking the fact that she was able to have a bone for a change.

We had a nice day while waiting for Brae, we went to Bookman's and got some loving from some people there. She never came close to finishing that bone, the outing made her nap the rest of the day.

I was so happy to see Brae at 4. He was totally drugged up from the anesthesia. His breath was horrible but he was wagging his tail. We got him in the car, well he just jumped. He was pretty good on the way home. He was very wobbly and groggy walking back to the apartment. He is supposed to wear his cone for 10-14 days which is going to be a challenge, he keeps bumping into everything! I suppose it is good though because it will be a visual reminder to me to keep him calm and less active the whole time, plus he won't be able to lick or bite at the incision.

Brae slept in his crate all night and is much less groggy this morning. He was very happy to gulp down his breakfast. To think I have to go through this with Ruby in another month, ugh!

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Jane said...

They didn't "cone" our dog when he was neutered. If it gets to be too much and you are around to keep an eye on things...I'd say take it off and just make sure he's not trying to tear the stitches out. Sammy never acted like the procedure hurt him much. He was jumping around right afterwards (jumped out of the car before I could grab him). Dogs are resilient.