Wednesday, May 14, 2008


After the Dell that my dad gave me kicked the bucket, Zach got a new Sony Vaio and gave me his HP notebook.  The HP was huge!  I took it to California with me and had a very hard time carrying it as a carry on because the thing was so heavy.  I was really wanting something light.  The HP had several problems: so hot that it actually burned my legs, the power cord had been pulled out by the dogs a few too many times making it not fit very well so it easily came out, both batteries were completely dead so when the power cord came out or if I moved it just so the computer shut down losing whatever I was working on.  The keys started sticking so typing any type of documents wasn't a pleasure.  

I decided it was time to get a new computer.  I searched and researched for about 2 weeks before deciding on the MacBook.  It was light, it was small, it was everything that I was looking for.  I was looking for a new challenge so learning a new operating system seemed like a good challenge.  

So far, I really like the MacBook.  I love how light and small it is.  I love how the battery works! I love that the power cord is so small.  I actually think the power cord for the HP weighs more than my new computer.  I love that it is white.  I am having no trouble learning how to use it.  I signed up for classes which will help me learn all the little things I didn't figure out for myself and it will help get me out of the house:)  I was able to transfer all files from my PC to my new mac in no time.  I played with iMovie for quite some time yesterday to get prepared for making my end of the year movie.  I don't like that the edge of the computer, where your wrists lay while typing is very rough, not rounded and comfortable. 

Off to work on my movie!  Have a great day!

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Jane said...

It's like a mini mini computer! I kind of liked that your old laptop had the bigger monitor. But I guess it's all a trade off. Hope you love your new "toy". ;-)