Wednesday, May 28, 2008

School's Out For Summer!

School is finally over!  As usual, I got sick after the kids left on Thursday afternoon.  I am slowly getting better, just lots of congestion.

Since we had a few days of over 100 degree weather last week, I decided to experiment with leaving the dogs in the apartment with the dog door open so they can go potty.  Ruby can be quite the troublemaker so I made sure to move anything I thought she might tear up while I was gone.  Day one went very well, I came home to no messes and one rock that was brought in from outside.  So, we tried for a second day which happened to be the last day of school.  I came home and saw something torn up on the floor but didn't know what it was.  So I got closer to discover that they destroyed my brand new stamp set that had been delivered by UPS earlier that day.  UPS had the bright idea to throw a padded envelope to the ravenous beasts...who thought it looked much like a chew toy.  I called UPS and filed a claim and should be getting a new stamp set later this week or early next week.  I was furious and then realized it probably wasn't their fault and calmed down enough to listen to the messages on the answering machine. The last one was from the apartment complex office telling me that they had good news!  So I called right away and found out that that the wait for a downstairs one bedroom apartment was finally over.  I checked out the location and glady accepted.  My family will be coming down on June 7th to help me move, clean and dog proof the patio!  I am very excited, I will have to post pictures when the masterpiece is complete.  

On Monday, I had a great time at a friend's house for a Memorial Day BBQ.  After the BBQ my stamping friend, Jane, came over and we stamped away.  I made this one card!  It's a flap card.  I changed the size from the original directions because my circle with the monkey was so big.  I like how he turned out!

Ruby was spayed yesterday, we were lucky to skirt through without having her go into heat. Thank goodness!  An acquaintance at the feed store where I buy there food told me about this great promotion this place was having for FREE spays and neuters during the month of May. So I called the place and asked if my existing appointment would qualify for that and they said yes! So in we went yesterday.  I got her microchipped because if anyone is going to run away, it's Ruby and it was much cheaper than at the vet.  She also came home with a e-collar which they didn't think I would need but Ruby is such a licker it's better to be safe than sorry.  Here is a picture of my pathetic girl after her surgery, she was really out of it.  She is back to normal this morning and actually ate some food.  Good girl!

Brae and I are working on his food aggression.  He bit me yesterday with the method I attempted at breakfast, so I searched some things on-line and found a method that I think has some promise, so we are giving it a try.  It's pretty gross, but if he will stop being so aggressive about food, it will be worth it.  I have to feed him out of my hands for 2 weeks, food and slobber!  

Going to go work on some packing!

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Jane said...

I love the card (but you already knew that).

Poor Ruby. She looks wiped out. Glad she's back to her normal self.

And as far as Brae...if he eats out of your hands as quickly (and with the same amount of abandon) that he eats out of the food'll be lucky to have hands LEFT. Are you crazy? He'll think that pinky finger is just a piece of food he missed. Hope it works for you.