Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Peace of Mind

I was really starting to feel guilty about leaving the dogs in their crates for close to 9 hours a day, if not more. Since Zach moved to California, I have been the only one to take them out and I am gone 9 hours a day with my 40 minute commute each way. A friend of mine helped me come up with and complete the idea of putting a kennel up on my patio. The dogs now have a 6x10 space to move around in during the day. A 3x6 area is dirt (now gravel) for them to relieve themselves throughout the day but I don't think Brae has figured that out yet. He seems to have to go quite bad when I get home. I covered the top and front of the kennel with a tan sunshade material. They have their bed that is raised off the ground and a sheet to lay on. They also have a gallon water dispenser but don't seem to drink any while I am gone. They seem to like it so far. Brae has to wear the bark collar because he would bark at every leaf that blew by. Ruby isn't really a barker, just whines but no one has said anything yet. They are happy to play with each other when I get home, almost as though they didn't see each other all day. Then they eat dinner and are so tired they head right to sleep!
It has been nice this week not worrying about them so much. I can stay at work for a little bit not having to rush to get them to go out and move around! They seem happier too!

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Jane said...

Wow, now THAT is pretty impressive. I'm glad you found an alternative that seems to be working.