Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Big Softie!

So I finally broke down and let the dogs sleep in my bedroom last week. They are not allowed on my bed but they sleep in the room instead of in their crates. Ruby has always had a blanket in the bedroom that she likes to lay on. So she was very happy. She actually stopped peeing at night. Funny how that happened? Brae didn't really know what to think of sleeping in the bedroom with mom and not sleeping in his crate. So he was pretty antsy the first few nights. So then I was feeling bad that he didn't really have a bed anymore because I put it outside in the kennel for them to sleep on during the day. So I bought him a new bed. I put it next to the bed where he sleeps and he slept like a baby all night. Well the next morning Ruby woke up and ate breakfast and then disappeared. Brae and I found her on the bed. He looked at me, looked at her, looked at me again, let out a sigh and layed right next to her.
This morning they were both trying to sleep on the bed, it's really not big enough for both of them. I told them, alright, I will have to get another one!

I sure do love my dogs!

1 comment:

Jane said...

What you need is a nice big HOUSE with a yard instead of the apartment! :-)

I bet they were "having to go to the bathroom" just to have your attention and be close to you.