Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ruby in clothes?

So...Brae was being his nomal food aggresive sef when Ruby and I came in from going potty on Sunday morning. He went after her. I checked out her face and ears because that is usually where he gets her. She was fine. So I didn't think anything of it until I came home later that day from Albertson's and saw some wet fur on her side. I wondered why it was there so I took a closer look to see a large tear in her skin. I guess he did get her. Frantic I called my calm as can be husband for some advice. I took his advice and cleaned her up, put neosporin on it. Since I am a worry wart I decided to take the day of on Monday and take her to the vet. We had two options, one was $63 and it would take 3 weeks to heal, the other was $400 and it would take one week to heal. We went with $63. They shaved the area so it would be easier to keep clean. Here's a picture of her wound.

The vet had said to keep Neosporin and t-shirt on it so that she couldn't lick it and so it would have a chance at staying clean. So here she is sporting some of her new shirts. Mine were too big for her so I ended up getting her some large girls t-shirts. I never liked the idea of putting clothes on a dog but hey it really works for keeping her away from her cut.

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