Sunday, September 2, 2007


Welcome to my little space of the internet! I don't particularly like to write so who knows how often I will update this thing. Just wanted a little place to share my stamping creations and share pictures of my furry kiddos, Ruby & Brae.


Jane said...

Hey stranger! Those doggies get any bigger and there won't be any room left on the cool kitchen floor! LOL.

Hope you're working on some cards today. I did grocery shopping and now cleaning the house (after the internet of course!).

Oh, you might want to consider allowing anonymous comments but then enable that you have to approve them first. Otherwise...if they aren't a blogger user then they won't be able to leave comments.


Anonymous said...

Cute babies but better yet it was good to see you again. The projects look fun. Miss you! Ellen

Anonymous said...

You are going to drag me into this technology thing! We still need to update my Nano, I now do online banking, upload photos for printing, have that my space acct I don't remember how to access, and now I am responding to a blog?