Sunday, September 16, 2007

Halloween Flip Flop Cards

It's been a busy weekend. Brae had his last obedience class yesterday. I spent some time making some new pillows for our couch. I like to make the no sew fleece pillows, very easy and very comfy. I made three pillows for the couch and turned one of the old pillows into a pillow for Ruby. Ruby likes to curl up with pillows so I covered an old pillow form with fleece for her. As you can see, she likes it. I also used some fleece to make little blankets for the dogs for their crates.

This morning we went to the dog park and did some swimming, the dogs were pooped afterwards. Then I worked on some cards. I have been wanting to make some Halloween cards and I wanted to try the flip flop card. So I did it. You can find the tutorial here:


Jane said...

Love the flip flop cards. I haven't done one of those yet. Today I did alter a candle in a tin and make a matching bday card for a lady at work. Hope she likes it. Took me forever! ;-)


Suma said...

Hi, even I like to make the halloween flip flops...


Gina said...

You need to come to Arkansas to visit Mom and have a stamping/card making class! These look great!